Registered Dental Assistants (RDA) do not have representation on the New Jersey State Board of Dentistry (NJSBD), yet the Board regulates the RDA credential.

In 2018 a Bill was sponsored by Senator Patrick Diegnan to add a dental assistant to the Board. The Bill did not make it to Committee, however it has been reintroduced in 2019 and Bill # 748 is currently being sent to Committee. Please consider contacting Senator Pou, the Commerce Committee Chair or any of the other Committee members asking them to support this Bill.

It is critical to indicate:

Adding a dental assistant on the NJSBD would foster a complete understanding of what the RDA’s scope of practice is and assure “PUBLIC SAFETY”, in light of the rise in devastating infection control breaches.


Nellie Pou- Chair
Joseph P Cryan- Vice Chair
Gerald Cardinale
Thomas H. Kean
Nicholas P. Scutari

You can contact any of the Committee members using the link below


  • click on link
  • on left side of page click “find your legislator”
  • on right side of page click an alphabetical list

Email any questions to Kim McMahon, Legislative Chair at: deegahan61@gmail.com